Politics Versus Philosophy

Normally politics isn't something that we discuss on this site, and upon reflection, this isn't actually politics.. It's more of a philosophy.

I run across many people whose inclination is that of statists. One of their underlying fundamental ideals, that I do not completely understand, is the interpretation of the second amendment of the constitution as a "collective" right. If I understand correctly, they believe that the right to keep and bear arms is at the descresion of the state and not the individual. The purpose of the amendment is to protect the state in times of threat by pressing a populous into its defense and only then and at their leave, to people have the right to a weapon. Only in this context are people allowed firearms to protect their state from harm.

My primary objection to this view is the assumption that what is good for the individual is good for the state and vice versa. It assumes a benevolent state whose sole purpose is the protection of the individual.

It is the firm belief of OMAA that the problem with statism is that the state is first and foremost fallible people who have a natural inclination to do evil.

Statism and socialism are absurd notions. There is no evidence, in the history of mankind, that the "state" operates to benefit the people. To the contrary, over and over we see where the state, drunk with power, abuses the citizens to the point where they are turned into subjects; or worse, slaves.

More narrowly, it is the contention of OMAA that protection is the RESPONSIBILITY of the individual and therefore must be defended at all costs.

How can we expect the state to act in our interest in all other matters if not this one?

OMAA does not support the 2nd Amendment because we advocate violence (however we do believe that violence has its place), but because we value the individual and their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Please support organizations that support our individual right to self protection !! God bless.

~ Shihan Jakle