A Word About Tyranny...

One thing that is consistent throughout history: Men and Women have always rejected tyranny. They have fought against it. Sometimes actively, sometimes passively, but they always fight. Right now, our nation is very confused. There are those who believe that progressives are tyrants and vice versa. While we both fundamentally agree with each other that freedom, prosperity and love are what the end game is, we go about it from two diametrically opposed views on what that means.

We need to stop and consider. Charles Schumer, the senator, says that his main goal is to have a progressive supreme court. Why? Because he knows, as do all informed Americans, how much power the court has. They decide if the congress has passed a law that is constitutional. They dictate to the executive branch how to enforce the laws. Consider that one supreme court justice decided for the entire nation, that Homosexual Marriage is the legal law of the land, overriding states with constitutional amendments (like Missouri) that define Marriage between one man and one woman. Irregardless of your beliefs about gay marriage, that is a tremendous amount of assumed power. And if you support Gay Marriage, consider a conservative supreme court that would rule against or effectively overturn Sutter's majority.

The problem is that half the country disagrees strongly with Schumer's world view. So much so, that his world view becomes tyrannical.. What do THOSE people do? What do progressives do when 150 million people decide that they are not being governed but ruled? What happens to our country when a significant percentage of those 150 million decide that the status quo isn't worth enslavement? If you identify as progressive or conservative, consider what happens when you enrage the other half of the country to the point of violence? What happens then? History teaches us that whatever happens, it's bloody, brutal and ultimately makes us all worse off.

When you vote in the general election, vote your conscience, but also vote understanding another's position. Extreme people cause bloodshed and violence. Respect, honor and tolerance (true tolerance, not some extreme cynicism of it) is the only way that we succeed.

One last thought. All other "isms" have utterly failed. Communism, Democratic-Socialism, Authoritarianism, totalitarianism.. The only successful "ism" is Americanism. Because fundamentally, we Americans trust that our fellow Americans know what is best for them. We agree that we are all smart enough to know that. Of all things, we Americans abhor the elitist who would dictate how we live our lives because they believe that they are smarter than us and will show us a better way. We know what we want and what is best for us, thank you very much.. From our religion, to the best way to protect our families, to our lifestyle choices. We should live with our failures, but completely enjoy the fruits of our successes.. Do not tread on us. How can Charles Schumer know what is best for my daughters than we do? For our sons? Secure the country. Build the roads. Manage the national parks. Stay out of our churches, schools and businesses..

At the end of the day. If Mr. Schumer assumes too much power, it will be taken away from him. That goes for any politician, or group of politicians. Sooner or later, they will lose. Others throughout history have tried. They all have ultimately failed.

~ Shihan Jakle