"Every time I pick my son up he tells me the class is 'amazing'. This is a very unusual response to any class setting - ever. I wanted to let [Shihan Jakle] know how much Tristan likes him and his teaching. I am so grateful to have found this school. Thanks!"

~ Lise

"We were immediately impressed by the emphasis on focus, concentration and self-discipline in all aspects of life. With the many distractions kids have, we believe this learned skill has really helped our son improve, not only his martial arts technique, but also his school work, music, sports and other activities."

~ Richard & Wendy

Becca's Black Belt Ceremony3.jpg

"At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with learning disabilities and a few other things. [OMAA] was leading a discussion group at the school I attended, for students with disabilities. I came to the school to observe. I liked what I saw and joined.

"When I started to train with Sensei Goldberg, I was having a hard time controlling my temper and I had self-esteem problems. When I would walk around campus or the mall, I would not look at the people I walked past. I remember having to look Sensei in the eye and how difficult that was for me. But Sensei taught me that, if I was going to help myself in a time of crisis, I had to keep my head up, be strong and confident. My short temper was another issue. An innocent person could say or do something that I would perceive as an attack on me, and I would just lose it with that person. Sensei said something one day that has stuck with me since. He said, "If you cannot control yourself, how can you control a situation where you or the lives of the people you love are in danger?" That phrase has got me through so many things in the past years.

"I earned my Black Belt, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy, and took my first job as a Music Therapist. Without the coping strategies and encouragement OMAA gave to me, it would have been a much rougher road for me."

~ Sensei Kelli Ballard