Tuition at the Okinawan Martial Arts Academy is very competitive. We currently charge one rate per student per month, which includes all classes.* The only "contract" we require is dedication from the students.  

  • Registration: $50/student, renewable and due annually (included with initial registration is a free uniform)
  • Tuition: $70/month per student
  • Belt Tests: $25/test

We also encourage our families to take advantage of our referral program. Refer a student that joins, and receive a month of free tuition!

Are you a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Des Peres? Ask Jooubachi for member rates.

The fine print . . .

* The rate is not per class — it is per month. Tuition will not be refunded or prorated due to missed or cancelled classes.
**No extended contracts are required to join; we function on a month-to-month basis, fees due the first of every month. If students are enrolled, we expect tuition to be paid, whether student attends or not. If student is absent from class for more than 30 days without communicating with the instructor and Jooubachi, additional testing of skills and annual registration fee may be required again upon return.
*** OMAA has the right to adjust prices when necessary. Students will be given adequate notice.